Thursday, January 25, 2007

"We wish we would have known..."

One of the most common phrases I hear from couples who have been married within the last few years is...

"We wish we would have known about you when we got married."

I've heard that a lot -- especially from siblings and friends of my clients while I'm shooting a wedding. And I have sort of a conflicted reaction. Part of me knows it's a compliment and I'm flattered by this...while the other part feels bad that they didn't get the right kind of experience with photography from their wedding. And in those situations I don't know whether to try to get them a few extra fun shots at that particular event (to try to make up for their less than ideal experience), or, to kind of act naturally so as not to make them feel any worse! What would you do?

As I've had for the last several years -- I have a limit on the number of weddings that I shoot each year. This year, like last year, it's 15. I feel that if I went over that amount I would never be able to breathe...much less sleep, eat, shoot or edit! Knowing that I can only do so many weddings...let me apologize in advance to the next person or couple that tells me "we wish we would have known about you." I'm really sorry! I'll try to make sure more people know about me! :)


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