Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I resolve to do a lot more blogging this year!  Check back often too keep me honest.  

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and holiday season -- may the best of health, wealth, happiness and peace be yours throughout the new year.  



Blogger Unknown said...

Feeling compelled to give compliments to Dan. Under social pressure to say something positive. So I'll focus on his artistic merit, his work speaks for itself. Dan's photos are not the typical bland photographs 'suitable for framing'. He seems to be able to see through to the personalities of his subjects and using his wicked sense of humor. Dan makes you feel like you know the subjects personally or would like to know them. Probably unknown to Dan, I do have a degree in fine art from Maryville University and so I do know personal 'creativity' when I see it. Dan is an artist who's art form is photography. I approve of this message and besides he is a daddy who has to support 3 little Watkinites.

1/4/09, 3:34 AM  

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