Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stars On Ice 2009

Maria's Valentine's Day treat this year was tickets to see Stars on Ice.  In our 11+ years of marriage...Maria has turned me into a fan of figure skating while I've helped her appreciate the finesse of hockey.  :)  We sat in the cheap seats this year (it's tough to keep to the Dave Ramsey plan...but we're doing it) -- AND we took our 5 year old, Katia...who was named after Katia Gordeeva the figure skater.    

We've tried this move before.  It didn't get the same amount of applause when we tried it...

And now for something completely different.  The predominantly female audience (I'm guessing 85-90%...which makes for an express trip to the beer lines and bathroom for the guys) just ate up this move.  Some of us didn't get it though...  

My wife just LOVES Michael Weiss.  I've learned to tolerate this...

And here's my back-up wife...Sasha Cohen.  LOL  No, my wife hasn't learned to tolerate Sasha and all of her late-night phone calls to my cell phone.  

Don't try that at home...unless you have rubber legs.



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