Friday, September 07, 2007

Kristi and TJ's wedding

Kristi and TJ were married Friday, August 10th in the Grand Pavillion of the St. Louis Airport Marriott. Kristi was stunning in her wedding gown and she seemed as calm, cool and collected as any bride I've ever photographed.

It was definitely a HOT day in St. Louis but the groomsmen -- most of whom are / were military -- just rolled with it! During the reception Kristi's parents honored TJ and all of the men and women who serve our was a very touching tribute. I had a LOT of fun hanging out with them all day. Here are just a few pictures...and the slideshow.

Here are all the men and women who have served and/or are currently serving our country. \o/

Kristi's younger sister Heather was the maid of honor -- she was "ON THE JOB" all day long!

The "men in black" (and pink) knew how to have a GREAT time!

Wherever TJ was...there was fun to be had and lots of pictures to be taken! :)

Kristi sent me the nicest e-mail after her picture gallery was published...

"They are more amazing than I could have imagined! I honestly don't even remember you taking half of them, and they turned out gorgeous! Thank you SO MUCH! My mother and I have been looking at them for 3 hours, and we're still not done! day at work tomorrow has been wedding photographer took too many amazing photos to look at in a short period of time and I have now been up for nearly 4 hours oohhing and ahhing over them! :)

If it wasn't 2 AM I'd continuing bragging on your work but I guess I better take a break and get some sleep! Thanks again!

You're the best!




Blogger Unknown said...

Dan - How can we ever Thank You for the unbelievable job you did at our daughters wedding? I don't know how you manage to be everywhere at the same time and never miss a thing! The pictures, the slideshow, WOW - we have friends and family all over the country that could not make it to the wedding who are calling everyday because they have enjoyed your work. Great Job!!

9/13/07, 6:55 PM  

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